Using telomeres to study the DNA damage response

Relevant Publications

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Z. Mirman, F. Lottersberger, H. Takai, T. Kibe, Y. Gong, K. Takai, A. Bianchi, M. Zimmermann, D. Durocher & Titia de Lange (2018) 53BP1–RIF1–shieldin counteracts DSB resection through CST- and Polα-dependent fill-in.  Nature: ePub ahead of print.

F. Lottersberger, R.A. Karssemeijer, N. Dimitrova, T. de Lange (2015) 53BP1 and the LINC Complex Promote Microtubule-Dependent DSB Mobility and DNA Repair.  Cell 163: 880-893.  

M. Zimmermann, and T. de Lange (2013) 53BP1: pro choice in DNA repair. Trends Cell Biol 24: 108-117.

M. Zimmermann, F. Lottersberger, S. Buonomo, A. Sfeir, T. de Lange (2013) 53BP1 regulates DSB repair using Rif1 to control 5’ end resection. Science 6120: 700-704.

F. Lottersberger**, A. Bothmer**, D.F. Robbiani, M. Nussenzweig*, T. de Lange* (2013) Role of 53BP1 oligomerization in regulating DSB repair. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110: 2146-2151. **equal contribution. *corresponding author.

A. Sfeir and T. de Lange (2012) Removal of shelterin reveals the telomere end-protection problem. Science 336: 593-597.

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Relevant PublicationsBack to main pageZ. Mirman, F. Lottersberger, H. Takai, T. Kibe, Y. Gong, K. Takai, A. Bianchi, M. Zimmermann, D. Durocher & Titia de Lange (2018) 53BP1–RIF1&nd